Friday, 06 October 2017 21:07

Larry Goodman gives city employees a good name

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Bill Brunt, owner of Quincy's BBQ food truck, wrote to Mayor Sylvester Turner to compliment Larry Goodman, a sanitarian for the Houston Health Department. I 

"I have had the pleasure of speaking with Larry Goodman about the processes involved in readying my BBQ truck for operation within the city limits. Each of the three times I have caught up with him (and I say that because I understand what an extraordinarily busy man he is), he has been not only extremely helpful, but has given the impression he is eager to be extremely helpful," Brunt said. "In a day where, when one reaches out to an entity, whether governmental or private, and the responder acts as though you are an imposition on his work day, it is pleasing, even exciting to talk to Mr. Goodman, who is the antithesis of that. In spite of being so very busy, he treats common ordinary people like myself, as though they are the most important people he talks to all day. I am sure you are already aware of his servant heart and eager attitude, but I wanted to add my voice to the chorus of those praising him. Congratulations on having such an asset representing you to the people of Houston."

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