Friday, 06 October 2017 20:36

Meyerland resident thanks SWM for debris collection

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James E. Stecker, a Meyerland resident wrote to Mayor Sylvester Turner to thank Solid Waste Managament employees for their hard work collecting flood debris.

"We live on a heavily tree lined street in Meyerland which had massive piles of flood debris. We were so glad to see the Solid Waste Management trucks here on Saturday, Sept. 30. It seemed like these men worked tirelessly from just after sun up to just before sun down removing every bit of debris they could reach with their equipment," Stecker wrote. "I'd like to commend Odell Pointer and Rodolfo Hernandez as well as others that I met that day for their efforts in helping to put our community back together. The debris removal is a real milestone in our road to recovery."

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