Thursday, 13 July 2017 21:23

Resident applauds Permitting Center efficiency

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David Cagle wrote to Mayor Turner to applaud improvements to employee and process efficiency at the Houston Permitting Center. Here's what he had to say:

"I just wanted to thank youl for making my life and many others easier. The way the city is handling Electric Lock plan submissions has never been easier in the 10 years I‘ve been submitting drawings," Cagle wrote. "Having a one-stop-shop on the First Floor (of the Permitting Center) is the best idea ever, no longer does the process take a long time or you have to visit multiple floors to get things done... With Daniel De La Cruz and Geraldine Guevara checking you in, they are always helpful and personable and make the process easy, to Lonnie Files reviewing them in a timely manner... And if you have any major questions or concerns about a project or codes, Jon Garrou and Paul Pfardresher have always been there to help. Even when I know they are busy, they still will take the time to assist and make sure things are done correctly to the cities guidelines."









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