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Public Works fills key leadership positions

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Houston Public Works has filled several key leadership positions as a plan to transform the department. Leadership has worked for months to select the right group of people to lead the Department towards a new effort of teamwork and transparency.

Director, Capital Projects – Michael Ereti, P.E.

Michael Ereti, P.E. has been appointed as the Director of Capital Projects. Capital Projects is responsible for maintaining and expanding our city’s infrastructure. 

Ereti returns to the city after previously serving as Assistant Director for Traffic Operations from 2009-2014. He most recently served as a Traffic Engineer Manager for Gunda Corporation, LLC., a Houston consulting firm. Ereti has 21 years of experience in maintaining and implementing traffic projects. 

Ereti is a Professional Engineer and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in civil engineering from the University of Idaho with a minor in mathematics.

Assistant Director, Capital Projects – Jeff Masek, P.E.

Jeff Masek has been named Assistant Director of Capital Projects. 

Masek has more than 20 years of experience in the public sector. He spent the first half of his career with the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) Houston District managing consultant’s design projects, performing inspections and design. 

Masek graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science in civil engineering.

Assistant Director, Capital Projects – Marjorie Cox

Marjorie Cox recently joined the City as Assistant Director of Capital Projects Real Estate Services. 

Cox has more than 30 years’ experience in the real estate industry as a broker, corporate real estate consultant, home builder and residential developer.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in housing from the University of North Texas.

Assistant Director, Transportation and Drainage Operations – Maureen Crocker

Maureen Crocker has been named Assistant Director of Transportation and Drainage Operations.

She moved into this role from the Mayor’s Office where she served as a Transportation Advisor and Executive Director of the Gulf Coast Rail District.

She has a master’s degree in urban planning and policy from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She was designated Woman of the Year by the Houston Chapter of the Women’s Transportation Seminar in 2014.

Assistant Director, Transportation & Drainage Operations – Walter Hambrick, Jr.

Walter Hambrick, Jr. is the Assistant Director of Transportation and Drainage Operations.

Prior to joining the City of Houston, he served as Maintenance Administrator for the TXDOT where he led the response and recovery from Hurricane Harvey.

Hambrick has a Bachelor of Science in agriculture from Sam Houston State University.

City Engineer, Houston Permitting Center – Joseph Myers, P.E.

Joseph Myers, P.E., has been named the City Engineer for the Houston Permitting Center. The City Engineer is responsible for the regulation and management of capital and maintenance projects, environmental stewardship projects and the overall management and maintenance of a large stormwater management system.

Myers has 33 years of professional experience in project and program management and water resource engineering. He previously served as Acting Deputy Director of Capital Projects before moving to his new position.

Myers is a Professional Engineer and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in civil engineering from the University of Houston.

Building Official, Houston Permitting Center – Mark Savasta

Mark Savasta recently assumed the position of Building Official for the Houston Permitting Center. The Building Official manages Building Code Services and ensures all City of Houston buildings follow state and federal regulations.

Savasta has 40 years of experience in building construction and extensive experience in working in areas affected by hurricanes. Savasta graduated with a Bachelor of Science in construction engineering and a Master of Business Administration from California Coast University.

Deputy Building Official, Houston Permitting Center – Bobby Oakes

Bobby Oakes has been appointed as Deputy Building Official for the Houston Permitting Center. Oakes  has served as Acting Building Official for the past 10 months.

Oakes has served the City of Houston for almost 25 years. He has worked as a Chief Building Inspector on several projects. His new position will collaborate with agencies and businesses for safe and efficient development in Houston. 

Oakes worked as a Carpenters Apprentice for 18 years after graduating from Spring Woods High School.

Meter Operations, Customer Account Services – Matthew Thomas

Matthew Thomas is the Assistant Director of Meter Operations for Customer Account Services. The position manages the operations of water meter infrastructure. Matthew has more than 37 years of experience with Baker Hughes Inc., Edward Jones Investments, and Entergy Texas.

Thomas graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Sam Houston State University.

Customer Operations, Customer Account Services – Erik Dunn

Erik Dunn is the Assistant Director of Customer Operations with Customer Account Services. Dunn previously served as Assistant Director of Transportation and Drainage Operations. Dunn joined the City of Houston in 2009 as a Manager with Municipal Courts. 

Dunn holds a bachelor's degree in business management from Dallas Baptist University. 

Deputy Assistant Director, Northeast Water Purification Plant – Eric Garza

Eric Garza is the Deputy Assistant Director for the Northeast Water Purification Plant with Houston Water. The Deputy Assistant Director helps oversee the operations of the plant, which is expanding capacity from 80 million gallons of water per day to 400 million gallons per day by 2024.

Garza has served the city with Houston Water for the past 12 years. He earned his Professional Engineer and a water license while working for the city. 

Eric graduated with a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering and computer engineering and a Bachelor of Arts in hispanic studies from Rice University.

Public Information Officer, Communications – Erin Jones

Houston Public Works appointed Erin Jones as Public Information Officer. The Public Information Officer is the primary point of contact for the media. Erin joined the city after 11 years in the television industry. She served as a news producer for KPRC and KHOU.

Jones graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in communications from Mississippi State University.

"Houston Public Works recent leadership appointments build on our abilities as a nationally recognized public works agency.  Houston Public Works is diverse and dynamic. These leaders bring experience, innovation, and excellent customer service mindsets.  They join Houston Public Works during a transformation time. Over the next several months, Houston Public Works will be selecting numerous positions including an Assistant Director of Transportation & Drainage Operations Rapid Delivery and an Emergency Management Coordinator, just to name a few," said Houston Public Works Director, Carol Ellinger Haddock, P.E.

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