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EPA awards two grants to HPW's Brownfields Redevelopment Program

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PWEgrantThe Environmental Protection Agency awarded two Brownfields Assessment grants to the Houston Public Works Brownfields Redevelopment Program in June. Administrative Manager Jennifer Clancey traveled to Dallas for the 2018 Region 6 Brownfields Convention to accept the award on behalf of the City of Houston.

Brownfields are abandoned or underutilized properties that have real or perceived environmental contamination which has complicated or hindered redevelopment and community revitalization. Assessment grants provide funding for communities to conduct environmental assessments, Brownfields inventories, planning, and community outreach.

The city was awarded a community-wide hazardous substances grant of $200,000 and a community-wide petroleum grant of $100,000. The grants will be used to conduct environmental site assessments and prepare cleanup plans for hazardous substances or petroleum properties. Both grants will also be used to inventory brownfields sites, conduct area-wide planning, and support community outreach in the Fifth Ward. The city has been awarded $700,000 in EPA Brownfields Assessment grant funding since 2014.

The City of Houston’s Brownfields Redevelopment Program’s mission is to revitalize core neighborhoods; catalyze sustainable economic growth; ensure a safe and clean environment; improve quality of life for Houston residents; and create thriving, livable neighborhoods in this world-class city.

Learn more about the Brownfields Redevelopment Program at

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