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Dog rescued from sewer lives happy life

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SewerSamIn January 2017, a stray dog fell 20 feet and was trapped for several days at the bottom of a sanitary sewer. The dog, nicknamed Sewer Sam, was rescued by BARC and Houston Public Works employees. 

At the time of his rescue, Sam was severely underweight, weighing just 27 . More than a year later, Sam is still wary of sewer covers, but has gained 20 pounds, and loves life with his new adopted pet parent, "Ms. Sy," who provided the following update:  

“Now Sammy is healthy and free of heartworm thanks to BARC for this free heartworm program. In the first two months that Sammy lived with us, I heard him cry while sleeping all the time. I believed he was traumatized by what he went through: he may have been abused, he was hungry, and what scared him the most was the manhole he stayed in a few days before he was rescued.

"While I walked Sammy along the street for exercise, Sammy always kept his eyes on manholes and tried to walk around instead of stepping on them because he saw manholes as a danger. Now Sammy has a good home, love, and care as he deserves. He is not hungry anymore because he always has food. He likes to sleep in my bed with me. He is a good companion, has a good heart and loves everyone. We love him very much. My family and I are glad that we found Sammy and we bet Sammy is glad that he found us too. He is very special and sweet.”  

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