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It's the annual enrollment period for city of Houston. There are a few changes to the Cigna medical plans and a new provider for the dental plans, Deltal Dental


Retirees in a Cigna plan

If you are happy with your current plan, you don’t need to do anything — your coverage will remain in effect. Plans will remain essentially the same.

Medicare-covered retirees

Although you have the option of switching from one Medicare plan to another at the first of any month, you can only switch dental plans during open enrollment. If you have a dependent in a Cigna plan and you need to make changes, now is the time. 

Retirees with dental or vision plans

The city has a new dental provider, Delta Dental. The rates are slightly lower with the same plan details. If you are happy with your current plan — do nothing and your coverage will remain the same. In the DHMO, you will be defaulted to a primary care dentist in your zip code. Call Delta Dental at 800-422-4234 or go to choose a different dentist. Most of the dentists from the previous provider are in the new network. New ID cards will be issued by May 1.

There are no changes to the vision plan. If you are happy with it — do nothing and your coverage will remain the same.

To make changes

Download the printable form, or call benefits between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday to have forms mailed to you.


Retiree medical plan options

  • Cigna Limited Network +

    Three provider groups Kelsey Seybold Memorial Hermann Renaissance Primary Care Physicians Required for Memorial Hermann & Renaissance Not required for Read More
  • Cigna Open Access +

    Access to over 572,800 Cigna providers all over the United States without referrals Primary Care Physicians (PCP) are not required Read More
  • Consumer-Driven Health Plan (CDHP) +

    Includes a Health Reimbursement Account City pays the first $500 individual / $1,000 family Unused amounts rollover Same network as Cigna Read More
  • Retirees of Texas Option Plus +

    Same network as Cigna Open Access  Available only to retirees who live in Texas, but outside of the counties in Read More
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Retiree dental and vision plan options

  • Dental +

    Dental wellness is an important component in your overall health. The city offers two great dental plans.  Dental Health Maintenance Read More
  • Vision +

    The city offers a stand-alone vision plan, administered by Superior Vision. You have the freedom to choose a provider from Read More
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