• CMC launches 2015 campaign

    Changing Lives Launching Futures Read More
  • Volunteer in Houston

    There are a variety of ways to get involved in the Houston community. Check out the list of agencies on our campaign and contact them for more information on volunteering in your area. Read More
  • Want to Participate?

    If your an existing agency with the CMC and want to participate in the 2015 campaign, click here to update your information. Read More
  • I Love Houston

    Welcome to “I Love Houston”, a show that highlights exciting and positive things about our city. Each month, we will spotlight a local agency that partners with the city of Houston’s charitable giving drive, the Combined Municipal Campaign. Read More
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Apply to the CMC

cmc applicationIf you are new to the Combined Municipal Campaign, please fill out the application and have it mailed in by May 31, 2014.

CMC Application


What is the CMC?

A: The CMC (Combined Municipal Campaign) is an annual drive to raise funds from city employees to be contributed to various charitable organizations of their choice. The campaign, conducted by city employees, begins in August and continues through the end of October.


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