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Want to know how a charity spends its money but are afraid to ask? Don’t be. 

Donors care about the community they live in. That’s why they participate in the CMC. So it only makes sense that they also want to know how their money will be spent. 

Most agencies post financial information for donors on their websites. A list of CMC charities with links to their sites can be found at


An informed donor makes smart choices. Here are some websites that will help you learn more about giving:

Federal Trade Commission

Provides information on wise giving and how to file a complaint. 


Search charitable organizations for tax information. 

Charity Watch

Tips for giving wisely and other helpful hints.


Information on more than 1 million nonprofits. Also, important questions to ask yourself if you can’t decide on a charity.

Charity Navigator

Evaluates the financial health of America’s largest charities.



Steven Holloway, CEO & Founder

"Thank you for your support and please know that your contribution is priceless.  It opens the doors for many children’s lives to become more wholesome; it will never be in vain."

-Steven Holloway, CEO & Founder