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The 2019 CMC Online auction begins October 8, 2018 at 6am and ends October 19, 2018 at 1pm.
We are looking for NEW or GENTLY USED items ONLY. Unacceptable items will be returned. No more than 50 items per donation.
All business and corporate donations must have a due date that expires after October 31, 2018.
All auction items will be showcased on October 19, 2 p.m. - 5 p.m.
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Please specify the category you would like your item listed under.

Item Title(*)
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The title you want to call the item and that will be displayed to everyone on the auction site.

Item Description(*)
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Please be specific and describe the items as you would like it to appear on the auction website. Include measurements, retail value and special features the item may have. If there are defects, included those as well. This is a MUST.

Starting Bid Price(*)
Bidding starts at 10% of the suggested retail value – no exceptions.

Please take 10% from the retail value to get starting bid price. (For example if your item is worth $100 then the starting bid price will be $10.) Do not put the value of the item here. Prices are subject to change under the CMC's discretion.

Payment Terms
Items will be available for pick-up from 2pm to 5pm on Friday, October 19 in the 611 Walker Lobby.
If you cannot pick-up your items on that day you must e-mail the CMC team at to schedule a pick-up.
All items not claimed within 3 days of the auction closing will go to the next highest bidder. If the next highest bidder does not claim the item within 2 days, all items will be returned to the donor or put in the CMC Auction Buy It Now Sale.
Auction location
611 Walker, Houston, TX 77002
Shipping Terms
Items can be picked up at 611 Walker, Houston, TX 77002. If you request for an item to be shipped you will incur all shipping costs.
Agency Code(*)
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Donated by:(*)
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Department Name
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Please select the department you are from if you are a city of Houston employee. (Counts as fundraiser credit for your department.)

Would you like to donate the item if it does not sell in the auction?
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Items not sold in the auction will be donated to one of the charities on the list or in our “Buy It Now Sale.” All proceeds go toward the agency specified on your form.

If your item does not sell at auction and you would like it returned, please provide a contact name and number so you can be reached for pick up.
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All items must be picked up one week after the auction is completed, if the item is not picked up it will be donated.

If you have a photo ready picture that you would like to attach to the is form, please upload the file here.
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Being a part of the CMC

Demonstrating a strong sense of community by supporting issues that concern the citizens of Houston.

Hear what they are saying about the CMC!

Sandra J. Schultz, President/CEO

"Thank you for touching lives through your generosity. Every day, because of the caring hearts of friends like you, we see lives changed as Houstonians begin to live the life God has planned for them and return to work to support their families."

-Sandra J. Schultz, President/CEO
Roy G. Perry, Chairman & President

"We are grateful for your faith in the ability of this Foundation to carry out its mission of raising funds to support projects and programs at Prairie View A&M University. This is only possible because of thoughtful contributions from people like you."

-Roy G. Perry, Chairman & President