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When you donate to the cause that gives people freedom from anxiety, from stress, trouble, or crisis, you help create peace of mind.

How can donating just $2 a paycheck – a kolache or a cup of coffee – deliver something as priceless as that? Well, $2 per paycheck from each city employee would amount to about $1 million that would flow back into our community through this year’s “Give a Little Peace” Combined Municipal Campaign.  

When you donate to the CMC, you give peace of mind to a mother who needs emergency shelter for her family; to a young child wondering where his next meal will come from; to an eager job seeker looking for a chance.

With the help of your donations, local nonprofit organizations provide life-saving programs and services to our neighbors, our family members and our friends.

For those of us called to lead a life of public service, this is a lifelong commitment, not just something we accomplish during business hours. It’s donating, volunteering, mentoring and creating opportunities for the less fortunate, even if only for a short while. But even that short while has the capacity to lead to self-sustaining success.

Over 400 of you give 1 percent or more of your salary to the CMC each year and I thank you for your contribution. For those of you who donate more than money, who also donate your time and talents, I encourage you to keep up the great work.

Together, let’s give a little peace in 2018.

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Steven Holloway, CEO & Founder

"Thank you for your support and please know that your contribution is priceless.  It opens the doors for many children’s lives to become more wholesome; it will never be in vain."

-Steven Holloway, CEO & Founder