Thursday, 21 September 2017 15:28

City social media provides lifeline for Houstonians

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When disaster struck, social media became a powerful tool for crisis communication. By following city social media accounts, Houstonians saw photos and read relevant updates in real time. We saw it from their eyes and heard it in their words – from Mayor Sylvester Turner, HPD Chief Art Acevedo HFD Chief Samuel Peña, members of City Council, the Office of Emergency Management, Public Works and Engineering, Housing and Community Development, Solid Waste Management, BARC, and many more. And more importantly, we saw and heard accurate and verified information amid a sea of rumors and speculation.

Social media allowed the city to show images of heroism and scenes of loss, answer urgent questions and put rumors to rest, offer words of consolation, encouragement and assurance that this city will recover and will continue to be #HoustonStrong.

View a comprehensive list of City of Houston social media accounts. Not a social media user? You can view public tweets even if you don’t have a Twitter account. Follow City Savvy and HR Communications @COHEmployeeNews or join the employee Facebook group at


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