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Learning curve: Summer interns share experiences on the job

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Rhys Griffin, a summer inter with HTV, interviews members of the Houston Police Department Bike Relay Team. Rhys Griffin, a summer inter with HTV, interviews members of the Houston Police Department Bike Relay Team. Photo courtesy of HTV

 By Judith Garcia

GSD Rene Garcia and Gilbert Lopez Web 
 Rene Garcia and Gilbert Lopez

The City of Houston welcomed another group of summer interns in June. Now halfway through the sumer, interns are working alongside professionals in more than 15 different departments.  Applicants applied through various programs including Summer Jobs Program, Hire Houston Youth, and various volunteer internships for college credit. 

City Savvy sent Judith Garcia, a Human Resources Communications intern, to get feedback from her fellow interns city-wide.

Here’s what they had to say:


Rene Garcia 
General Servic
es Department

In his internship, Garcia serves as a construction project manager assistant. Pictured at right, Garcia and Senior Project Manager Gilbert “Gil” Lopez pose on the roof of the Robinson-Westchase Neighbor Library construction site.

Michael Huang 
 Michael Huang

"I’ve visited construction sites such as the Westside Police Station, Southwest Police Station, and Robinson-Westchase Neighborhood Library. I’m learning on how the Senior Project Managers conduct themselves when they visit sites to discuss project execution. The most unexpected thing I have learned is how the public sector operates differently than the private sector."

Michael Huang
Finance Department Strategic Procurement Division

Huang is a Summer Jobs Program intern for the third consecutive year. He has previously worked with the Human Resources Department in the Communications and Compensation divisions. Huang attends Texas A&M University and is majoring in accounting with a minor in environmental science.

 Cristian Moralez

“It's always a really good opportunity; there are so many different city departments that go hand in hand with my major.”


Cristian Moralez
Municipal Courts Department Public Information Office

Moralez is an intern through the Summer Jobs Program.  His Municipal Courts intership has given him insight into the lengthy process of public records requests. Moralez is majoring in social work at the University of Houston-Downtown. 

“I’m enjoying every day, and I look forward to more experiences within the following weeks. I believe the process of how the speeding tickets are processed interested me the most. It seems like a lot of work.”

 Aviance Obie

Aviance Obie
Human Resources Compensation Division

Obie is a second-time intern through the city’s Summer Jobs Program. Obie is expanding her analytical skills by working in depth with Excel, and applying her research skills by creating surveys.

Obie attends Wellesley College and is majoring in international relations and economics.

“I’ve been making the most out this internship; this has really been a great opportunity.”

Jorge Coronado
 Jorge Coronado

Jorge Coronado
Houston Information Technology Services (HITS)

Coronado is a second-year intern with the Summer Jobs Program. This summer he has been shadowing the HITS desktop support team to gain further experience. Coronado attends Texas A&M University and is majoring in information technology with a minor in cybersecurity.

“I learned so much last year that I wanted to come back and learn more about the aspects of IT. I have been learning about customer service, how to trouble shoot and figure out what I have been learning about customer service, how to trouble shoot and figure out what people need.”

Glorie Martinez

Glorie Martinez
Mayor’s Office of Communications, Ceremonial Documents Office

Martinez is a first-year intern in the Mayor’s Office of Communications. Her job duties in the Ceremonial Documents office include writing proclamations for various occasions such as birthdays, fundraisers and civic celebrations, to name a few. Martinez is a communications major at the University of Houston.

“Communication is pretty much focused on adapting, so this experience has been really helpful with that.”

Shown below are eight of the 12 GSD interns: Sunny “Bhaskar’’ Kharel, Laurryn Sells, Kolbe Robinson,Francisco Anaya, Dranat Vazquez, Chase Onyekweau, GSD Intern Coordinator Ja’nice Sparks, Chassidie Collins and Alyssa Foley.

“This internship has taught me how to be a professional in a working environment, as well as learning how to be outgoing and network.”
GSDInterns Group

Alyssa Foley
General Services Department Director's Office 

Foley is a communication specialist intern through the Summer Jobs Program. Her job duties include learning about new projects, photographing the projects to then put together the departmental newsletter.

“As a Communication Specialist Intern, I didn’t expect that I would be donning a hard-hat and visiting construction sites. It’s exciting to learn about the building projects and photograph them for the departmental newsletter I’m working on creating.  At this internship, I’ve learned to apply the skills I gained in the classroom to office projects."

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Rey Velazquez

Velazquez is a first-year HTV intern. He applied directly to the HTV internship program to earn college credit. His days consist of going out on shoots, filming and editing videos.  Velazquez is graduating from the University of Houston-Clear Lake this December with a bachelor’s degree in communications.

Intern Rey 
 Rey Velazquez

“It’s all a learning experience, I wanted to see what it takes to work in this kind of environment.”

Rhys Griffin

Griffin, pictured at top,  joined the HTV team to earn college credit. He is a communications major at the University of Houston-Clear Lake. As an intern, Griffin writes scripts, films and does some reporting as well. 

“I get a little experience of being in a television station, I get an idea of how things work.”

 Taylor Bellinger

Taylor Bellinger
Human Resources Drug Testing Clinic

Bellinger is a second-year intern with the Human Resources Department. She is working as a receptionist and is learning about the drug clinic operations. In the fall, Bellinger will begin her senior year at Lamar High School. She plans to attend Louisiana State University to major in nursing.

 “I’m learning some of the things that I’m going to deal with later on in my career.”


Octavia Carr
Octavia Carr

Octavia Carr
Planning and Development Department

Carr is an intern for the third consecutive year through the Summer Jobs Program. Carr has been working on a project about the influence of art in the community. In the fall, she will attend  Houston Baptist University to pursue a major in mathematics with a minor in art. 

“I didn’t expect to make friends with the people I worked with, I still keep in touch with them.”