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Department Coordinator Phone
Administration & Regulatory Affairs Veronica Garza 832-393-8508
City Council Theo Montague 832-393-0782
City Secretary Carrie Roberts 832-393-1104
Controller’s Office Chanelle Clark 832-393-3408
Department of Neighborhoods Rhonda Sauter 832-393-0943
Finance Sheila Wates 832-393-9035
Fire Sylvia Almazan 832-394-6700
Fleet Management Jedediah Greenfield 832-393-6910
General Services Erikah Abdu 832-393-8116
Houston Health Department Cydney Cameron 832-393-4822
Housing & Community Development Kimberly Adams 832-394-6115
Houston Airport System Ken Whittaker 281-233-1150
Houston Emergency Center Norma Lona 832-393-2778
Houston Information System Tom Sorley 832-393-0300
Human Resources Ashley Brooks 832-393-6074
Legal Alexis Sowell 832-393-6212
Library Candece Beverly 832-393-2011
Mayor’s Office Veronica Weatherspoon 832-393-1053
Municipal Courts Nydia Trevino 713-247-4560
Office of Business Opportunity Will Norwood 832-393-0935
Parks & Recreation Briana Rocha 832-395-7059
Planning & Development Cassie Malonson 832-393-6559
Police Seble Gebremichael 713-308-1228
Public Works & Engineering Rochelle Bennett 832-395-2452
Solid Waste Management Tyra Wilkins 832-393-0448
CMC Chair Jennifer Cobb 832-393-6131

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Harper Jones, Chairman - Board of Directors

"Thank you for your gift given in April 2016. We acknowledge your support to Open Door Mission. This gift will help continue transforming the lives of the addicted, destitute, and homeless or disabled."

-Harper Jones, Chairman - Board of Directors