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applyBecome a CMC agency

The city of Houston welcomes all charitable organizations that meet our eligibility criteria to apply to become a CMC Agency. CMC agencies can participate in the city’s annual CMC employee giving drive. Here are some helpful answers to questions you might have:

How do I apply?

All charitable organizations wishing to participate in the CMC must meet certain eligibility criteria and complete and submit a CMC Application and all required attachments.

Completed applications can me mailed to:

CMC Chair
611 Walker, 4th Floor, Houston, Texas 77002

Applicants also have the choice of emailing a scanned copy of their completed applications and attachments to:

Incomplete applications will not be considered for participation in the CMC.

What are eligibly criteria requirements for the CMC?

In order to be accepted as a CMC Agency and participate in the CMC, your organization must meet specific eligibility criteria. A complete list of all eligibility criteria requirements can be found on the CMC Application. Please review each one before completing and submitting an application.

When is the deadline to submit?

The application process to apply for the CMC starts in February of each year. All CMC applications are due May 31 of each year. Once an application has been approved, it’s good for three years. It’s the responsibility of the agency to keep record of their application renewal date. 

How will I know my organization has been approved?

Once an agency application has been approved, you will receive a notification from our office in the month of June stating your acceptance into the Combined Municipal Campaign. 

After your acceptance, you will be advised of the dates and events that will take place during that campaign season. 




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Harper Jones, Chairman - Board of Directors

"Thank you for your gift given in April 2016. We acknowledge your support to Open Door Mission. This gift will help continue transforming the lives of the addicted, destitute, and homeless or disabled."

-Harper Jones, Chairman - Board of Directors